Gallatin River Fishing Report, August, 2017

Gallatin still fishing great in Canyon

Friday, August 11, 2017
543 CFS @ Gateway - The Gallatin is still fishing great with big attractor dries, hoppers and spruce moths up in the canyon. The river is in excellent shape for wading and the fish have moved off the banks so don't be afraid to cast to the deeper runs and riffles. Spruce moths are still happening in the canyon.

Spruce moths on the Gallatin River in full force

Friday, August 4, 2017
610 CFS @ Gateway - The Gallatin has fished very well lately, especially in the Canyon where the Pine trees are more prevalent. The fish have really been looking for spruce moths, but just about any large attracter will catch a few fish. Fishing a nymph dropper below a dry has also been very productive. Remember Hoot Owl is from 4-Corners down.
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