Upper Madison River Fishing Report, July, 2017

Upper Madison has fished well past few days

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
1490 CFS @ Kirby - The Upper Madison continues to fish well. Dry fly fishing has picked up as fish have moved off of the banks and into the pocket water throughout the river. Yellow Sallies, Caddis and a few PMDs are the main story with evening caddis producing the best dry fly fishing. Nymphing has also been solid.

Upper Madison is Fishing Good

Friday, July 7, 2017
1630 CFS@Kirby-The Upper Madison remains one of the best local options at this time. If you still want to try to find a Salmonfly head up between the lakes as the hatch has moved up that far. The rest of the river has seen fish rising to Yellow Sallies, PMDs and Caddis hatching. Nymphing a stonefly and small flashy nymphs will also produce fish.

Upper Madison Salmonflies way upstream

Sunday, July 2, 2017
1690 CFS @ Kirby - The Upper Madison has been fishing good as the Salmonflies have mostly moved to the upper reaches. Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies and evening Caddis have all created some decent, but spotty, dry fly fishing. Nymphing remains the best option for nicer fish. The river is in great shape.
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