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Lewis and Clark discovered this as they made their way westward. And it remains apparent today to anyone who stares out an airplane window. 

S.O.S. Yellowstone River

Spend a day fishing on the Yellowstone River and you’ll understand it’s not merely an angler’s paradise — it’s a treasure you could never put a price on. Two foreign mining companies are trying to do just that by taking the necessary steps to put the price of gold above the value of this iconic river. 

Limited Edition T-Shirt

A healthy Yellowstone River has a positive effect on the entire fishing industry. And we have the opportunity to preserve this gem for generations. Help us keep this freestone treasure — and the communities that rely on her — safe and healthy. There are places to mine — the Yellowstone is not one of them.

$5 from the sale of each t-shirt will go to Greater Yellowstone Coalition towards the Yellowstone River campaign.