Lower Madison River Fishing Report, February, 2019

The Lower Madison is fishing the best in the afternoon right now

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
1240 CFS @ Ennis Lake - Ice & slush is the main factor on the Lower Madison right now. It will be the thickest in the mornings so anywhere from 12-4 will provide the most open water & the best fishing. My recommendation would be to head below the Ennis dam using a double nymph setup. A crawfish trailed by a mayfly nymph is a great combo right now.

The Lower Madison is a tough option with these colder temperatures

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
1140 CFS @ bl Ennis Lake - With the cold temperatures we've had recently & forecasted for the next week, the Lower Madison will be a difficult option. However, people are still finding success right below the dam using a double nymph setup in the afternoons. Focus on deep, slow moving water as the fish won't be exerting a lot of energy right now.
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