Missouri River Fishing Report, April, 2019

Nymphing on the Missouri is really good right now

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
11,000 CFS @ Holter - The nymphing on the Missouri has been very good recently and the streamer bite has also been good. Make sure you're fishing deep enough especially when tossing those streamers right now. The dry fly fishing has been okay but not spectacular. Baetis are showing up but not in full force & caddis are right around the corner!

The Missouri is still fishing good with a double nymph rig

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
9450 CFS @ Holter - The flows on the Missouri have bumped up over the past week although that hasn't put the fish down. Reports of the most consistent nymph fishing right now is from the dam to Craig with pink scuds, sow-bugs, & worms. If throwing streamers is your thing than focus on the banks on the lower stretches of the river.

The nymphing on the Missouri has been really good

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
7220 CFS @ Holter - The Missouri is one of the better fishing options right now. The nymphing has been really good and don't hesitate to switch up the depth and pace at which you're fishing until you find the right combo. The streamer bite has been off and on but its been very hot when it is on. Pink scuds & sow-bugs have been the hot ticket.

The Missouri is a great place to head to right now

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
5750 CFS @ Holter - The best fishing & where most people seem to be going right now is from the dam to Craig. Baetis are out on the overcast days but dredging the button with a double nymph rig still seems to be the best option. The streamer bite is gradually picking up with more natural colors and think deep and slow moving water.
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