Missouri River Fishing Report, August, 2019

The Missouri River fishing report

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
5,290 CFS @ Holter - The Missouri River is hard to beat right now. Trico's are in full force from 7-10 AM. After the main hatch and into the afternoon, look for fish rising to spent trico's. Once the heat of the day arrives switch to a hopper dropper. If the hopper bite is slow dredge the bottom with long leaders and plenty of weight on your setup.

The Missouri River fishing report

Sunday, August 11, 2019
5,220 CFS @ Holter - Trico's are out in the morning & have anglers chasing the hatch. Keep an eye out for the trico spinner fall around 9-10 AM. Once mid-day hits switch to a hopper or attractor pattern and throw an ant or beetle below it. If the dry fly action is slow switch to nymphing. Once late afternoon/early evening comes put on a caddisfly.

The Missouri river fishing report

Thursday, August 1, 2019
5,290 CFS @ Holter - All good things to say as far as the Missouri river is concerned. Trico's are making their way up the river while caddis and PMD's continue to hang around providing action throughout the day. In the evening keep an eye out for the PMD spinner fall. Streamer bite has been a little slow but nymphing has been producing fish.
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