Sage Fly Rods

Sage Fly Rods has been one of the most well recognized and sought after fly rods for quite some time now.  Founded in 1980, by legendary rod designer Don Green, Sage was created.  Since then, Sage has been setting the bar in the high performance fly rod department.

Sage Mod Fly Fishing Rod

The Sage Mod Fly Rod is a bit unlike any fly rod Sage has produced in the past few years. The Mod takes a step back from the super-fast action that Sage has become so well known for, and re-introduces a moderate action rod into the line-up. By blending both accuracy and power into one, Sage has developed a rod that will perform well in all trout fishing situations.

This rod is specifically designed for the trout angler and the scenarios he will encounter throughout a day of fishing. From presenting small dry flies to picky fish, to turning over nymph rigs when the hatch is tapering down, the Sage Mod can do whatever the angler needs. Because of it’s moderate action, this rod is perfect for protecting light tippets on big fish, however there is still plenty of power reserve to throw a nice tight loop in breezy conditions.

Sage’s proprietary Konnetic technology allows for a lighter yet stronger and more powerful blank, while the highest quality components available make for a beautiful finish on the Mod Fly Rod. Designed and built by hand in Bainbridge Island, Washington, the Mod is the perfect rod for the angler who’s been looking for a smoother action Sage. With Made-in-the-USA quality and a lifetime warranty against any breakages, you are buying a rod that will bring you many years of fish catching pleasure. 

As a line recommendation for this rod, we typically go with a more presentation oriented line. Our two favorites so far have been the Scientific Anglers Textured Trout or the Rio Gold Taper.

The Mod is available in two thru six weight and comes standard with tough fighting Fuji Ceramic stripping guides, and Hard Chrome snake guides. Additionally, the Mod features a beautiful Zebra Wood insert with Gloss Black anodized aluminum up-lock reel seat that accents the Jade color blank nicely. To protect your investment, this Sage rod comes with a black rod bag stored inside of a black powder coated aluminum rod tube.

Full list of Features includes:

  • Konnetic Technology
  • Moderate Action
  • Jade Blank Color
  • Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides
  • Hard Chrome Snake Guides and tip-top
  • Zebra wood reel insert with gloss black anodized up-lock reel seat
  • Super-plus Snubnose Half-wells Cork Grip
  • Finest Cork available 
  • Black Rod Bag with Jade Colored Logo
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube

Available Sizes: 290-4, 390-4, 490-4, 590-4, 690-4

Sage Bolt Fly Fishing Rod

The newest addition to the Ultra-Fast action quiver of Sage Fly Rods is the Sage Bolt. Built with Generation 5 Technology, the same as the technology as the Sage Accel, the new Bolt is the way to go if you’re looking for a fast action rod that doesn’t carry the same price tag as some of the other rods in the category. 

Because of it’s ultra-fast action, the Sage Bolt fly rod is capable of generating high lines speeds in even the most demanding conditions. This allows the angler to effectively fish large and small flies at any time. From small dry flies to big nymph rigs, the Bolt will do it all.

Available in 4-8 weight, the Bolt can be used for a multitude of fishing situations. From a fast action 4-weight for small dries and big trout, to the 8-weight for big streamers and light saltwater applications. When trout fishing with the Bolt, you will have enough power to punch through windy conditions, however with a longer leader and the correct line, you’ll be able to delicately present small dry flies to picky fish. The 7 and 8 weight rods are fantastic for Bonefish, Snook, Redfish, and big Trout.

The 4 and 5 weight Bolt rods come standard with a Rosewood reel insert and a Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-lock reel seat. Additionally, the Bolt features Fuji ceramic stripping guides and Hard Chrome snake guide.

In the 6-8 weight sizes, the Bolt comes standard with an Stealth Black anodized aluminum reel insert and up-lock reel seat. The reel seat is Saltwater ready and will not rust. Like the trout sizes, the Bolt also features Fuji ceramic stripping guides and Hard Chrome snake guide.

For trout fishing, the angler has a couple different options when pairing the Sage Bolt to a new fly line. With the testing we have done, we really like a Rio InTouch Grand Taper for the 6-8 weights, and a lined-up (if you have a 5wt, buy a 6wt line) longer taper such as the Rio Gold or Scientific Anglers Trout Taper for the 4 and 5 weights.

All Bolt Rods come with a black Ballistic nylon rod tube with a divided liner.

Full List of Features Includes:

  • Ultra-Fast action
  • Generation Five Technology
  • Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides
  • Hard Chrome snake guides
  • 4-5wt: Rosewood reel insert
  • 6-8wt: Anodized Aluminum reel insert
  • Anodized Aluminum up-lock reel seat
  • Black Ballistic Nylon rod tube with divided liner
  • Salmonfly blank color

Available Sizes: 490-4, 590-4, 690-4, 790-4, 890-4

The Sage Method is a high performance fly rod from Sage.  This is not your grandfather's Sage Fly Rod. It's fast, powerful, and capable of delivering tight, accurate loops at long distances. One of the fastest action rods in the Sage line-up, the Method is built for the fisherman looking to throw big gawdy flies, fish in conditions that no one else really wants to, and land the biggest fish.

The Method was designed with Sage’s Konnetic Technology. Konnetic Technology has been developed as an improved method of building rod blanks. The end result is a great reduction in weight, while adding a signficant amount of power and accuracy to the rod. If you have fished the fast action rods of the past, you may have developed the opinion that they are a bit heavy and sluggish. The Sage Method will change that opinion. 

Designed and Built on Bainbridge Island, Washington, the Sage METHOD is designed for both the advanced angler and the beginner in mind.  The Method is a fast action rod with a lot of power behind it.  However, when lined correctly, the rod loads fast and is a true pleasure to fish for both the most experienced angler and the angler needed a quick loading rod to learn on.  Because it is a fast action rod, we do recommend fishing a line that is a half or full weight heavy. For the Method, we recommend either the Scientific Anglers GPX Taper or the Rio Grand Taper

The Method comes in both Freshwater and Saltwater sizes.  The freshwater sizes range from 4-6 weight, while the Saltwater sizes run 6-11 weight. 

The Method comes in various sizes including the following:

  •  Freshwater: 490-4, 590-4, and 690-4
  •  Saltwater: 691-4, 697-4, 790-4, 796-4, 7100-4, 890-4, 990-4, 1090-4, 1190-4

The Freshwater sized Method rods come with a Cocobolo Wood Reel Insert with Black components, and a Snub Nose, Half Wells Premium Cork Grip.  The Saltwater sizes come with a Black Aluminum Reel Insert, Black Saltwater approved components, and a Full Wells Premium Cork Grip with a fighting butt. 

All Method rods come with a Black rod sock and a Fusion Red powder coated aluminum rod tube. 

The ONE is a fast action fly rod from Sage.  Built with their Konnetic technology, the ONE is great for the angler looking for multiple uses for one fly rod.  By combining incredible accuracy with punch-into-the-wind power, Sage was able to develop a fly rod that performs great in a multitude of fly fishing scenarios.  From Saltwater Tarpon Fishing to big double nymph rigs to delicate dry fly fishing, the ONE is the one rod series for the job. 

Designed and Built in Bainbridge Island, Washington, the Sage ONE was created to be a great tool for seasoned veteran anglers yet be easy enough for the most green beginner to pick up and with a bit of instruction, throw a fish-catching loop. The ONE is a fast action rod with a lot of power behind it.  However, when lined correctly, the rod loads fast and is a true pleasure to fish even for the beginning fisherman.  Because it is a fast action rod, we recommend fishing a line that is a half weight heavy.  For this rod, we recommend the Scientific Anglers GPX Taper. If you're mostly throwing dry flies with longer casts, another great line choice would be the Rio InTouch Gold Fly Line. Because of the versatility, this rod is a great choice for the fishing guide, or angler looking for a rod they can fish multiple sized flies with.  With a properly lined 6wt. Sage ONE, the good caster can expect to comfortably fish flies ranging in size from a #18 PMD to a #2 Baitfish Pattern. When the wind is calm and the fishing is all about presentation, simply lengthen out your leader a bit and you'll be set for dropping a perfect cast to those picky dry fly sipping trout.

The Sage ONE utilizes the finest components available such as Fuji Stripping Guides and Hard Chromed Snake Guides.  In addition, the rods feature a high-grade custom tapered cork grip.  Because of these components, and the high quality graphite used, the ONE is one of the nicest fly rods on the market today. 

The Sage ONE is offered in a wide range of sizes including the following:

Example = A 691-4 is a 6-weight, 9’ Rod with a fighting butt.  A 7100-4 is a 7-weight, 10’ Rod.

  • 376-4, 390-4
  • 486-4, 490-4, 496-4, 4100-4
  • 586-4, 590-4, 596-4, 5100-4
  • 690-4, 691-4, 696-4, 697-4, 6100-4, 6101-4
  • 790-4, 796-4, 7100-4
  • 890-4, 896-4, 8100-4
  • 990-4
  • 1090-4
  • 1190-4
  • 1290-4

The Sage ONE features a Walnut Wood and Golden Bronze-colored aluminum anodized freshwater reel seat in the trout sizes and a Golden Bronze-colored aluminum anodized saltwater reel seat in the Streamer/Saltwater sizes. 

The Trout Sizes (376-4 thru 6100-4) offer a Full Wells Style Grip.  The Streamer/Saltwater Sizes (691-4 thru 1290-4) offer a Full Wells Style Grip with a fighting butt. 

All Sage ONE rods come with a powder coated black rod tube with a Sage medallion.

With the design and introduction of the Sage Salt Fly Rod, Sage realized the void in the market for a true "Salt" action fly rod. This rod is fast. It's incredibly powerful, and it's sole purpose is to help you, the angler, connect to the fish of your dreams on your next Saltwater Fly Fishing Adventure.

The Sage Salt is built with the same Konnetic Technology found in other Sage rods, such as the Sage Mod and Sage One. Because of this, Sage has been able to create a very special fly rod. If you want to be able to cast to tailing Bonefish all day long, and deliver on-the-money casts even when the ever-present wind picks up, the Sage Salt is the rod for you. Additionally, if you need a rod with more backbone than an angry buffalo, to deliver, hook, and fight that 100+lb Tarpon, the Sage Salt is the rod for the job.

The Salt's taper allows the user the versatility to use the rod in many different situations. Delicately delivering flies to spooky bonefish in 6" of water? There is a Salt rod built for that situation. Need to get that quick shot out to that 100lb tarpon that magically appeared out of nowhere? There is a Salt rod built for that. 

When it comes time to choose the right line for your Sage Salt, there are many different routes you can go. It really depends on your style of fishing, and the conditions you may encounter during your fishing. For most Bonefish applications, we like the 890-4 Salt with a Scientific Anglers Bonefish Taper Fly Line. For bigger fish, such as Permit and Tarpon, we like a 10 or 11 weight Salt with a Scientific Anglers Textured Saltwater Taper Fly Line. If windy conditions are in the forecast, you do have the ability to overline this rod for a little extra weight behind to punch into the stiff breeze. 

Aside from the Konnetic Technology, the Salt also features hard-hitting Fuju Ceramic stripping guides, oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top, and a hook keeper located on the reel seat so you don't wear out your cork. In addition to the Konnetic Technology®, the Salt has many other great features such as oversized Fuji ceramic stripping guides, oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top, and a great integrated hook keeper in the reel seat. Other features include:

  • Saltwater Action
  • Dark Sapphire Blank Color
  • Black thread wraps with silver trim wraps
  • Oversized Fuji ceramic stripping guides
  • Oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Heavy-duty, Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat
  • Laser etched rod weight on slide band
  • Super Plus full-wells cork handle
  • Black rod bag with Electric Blue logo and model tag
  • Electric Blue powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

The Sage Salt is available in 12 different size/length variations from a 9' 5-weight for light streamer work, to a 9' 16-weight for the biggest and baddest of saltwater fish.

The Sage Accel Fly Rod is a great medium-fast action fly rod from Sage. If you're not looking to break the bank of one of their top-tier rods, but want the same high-performance and feel, you will want to test out the Accel. 

The Accel features Generation 5 graphite technology, which is essentially the process that Sage uses to build and design the graphite rod blanks. Generation 5 technology allows them to build a lighter fly rod without compromising power and accuracy. One thing you will immediately notice about this category of Sage rods is the weight. They are a true pleasure to fish all day long, even in the bigger rod sizes. Additionally, because of the medium-fast action, the angler will have no problem presenting small flies to spooky fish or turning over a shorter stiffer leader when the wind picks up and a tight loop is the only option.

The Sage Accel is available in 17 different sizes ranging from a 3 weight to a 9 weight. From small stream trout fishing, light lines, long leaders, and small flies, to Steelhead on big Canadian rivers with sink tips and single hand spey casts, there is a Sage Accel rod that will get the job done, and do it well.

Our line recommendations for this rod depend a bit on what sort of fishing the angler will be doing. For small stream trout fishing or more presentation oriented work, we like the Rio Gold Taper. When it comes to throwing big streamers, we've had great luck turning them over with a Scientific Anglers Wet Tip Express Sink Tip.

In addition to the core rod technology involved in building the Sage Accel, there are also many great features such as Fuji ceramic stripping guides and tough-fighting hard chrome plated snake guides. As with all Sage fly rods, the don't skimp out on poor components. The route they take to build a rod that will last the angler a lifetime does not include any short cuts. Only the finest Burl cork and Rosewood are used in finishing out the handle and reel seat.

Full List of Features Includes:

  • Generation 5 Technology
  • Medium-Fast Action
  • Emerald Green Rod Blank Color
  • Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides
  • Hard chrome plated snake guides and tip-top
  • 3-6 weight: Rosewood reel insert with black anodized aluminum up-lock reel seat
  • 6-9 weight: Black anodized reel insert and black anodized aluminum up-lock reel seat
  • Snub-nose half-wells cork handle
  • Black Rod bag with Emerald colored logo
  • Leaf Green Ballistic nylon rod tube

Available Sizes: 

Freshwater: 376-4, 390-4, 486-4, 490-4, 586-4, 590-4, 596-4, 690-4

Saltwater: 691-4, 697-4, 790-4, 796-4, 7100-4, 890-4, 896-4, 8100-4, 990-4

The Sage Approach fly rod combines the great feel and accuracy of a high end Sage fly rod, with an affordable, budget friendly price tag. No matter if you are a first time beginner or a seasoned fisherman looking for a back-up, the Approach will fit the bill well and won't drain your wallet.

Designed with Graphite 3 technology, this is a rod that features many of the great properties of other higher end Sage rods. The Approach has a medium-fast action, and is designed as a fly rod that can serve a wide range of purposes. In small sizes, such as a 7' 3-weight, the Approach is a blast to fish on small creeks and situations where distance is overshadowed by presentation.

In traditional trout sizes, such as the 590-4 and 690-4, this rod is capable of delivering tight loops with a long leader and tiny dry flies, or, with the proper line-setup, can turn over big nymph rigs and punch big dry flies into the wind. When moving into the heavier rods, such as the 890-4 and 990-4, the angler will be impressed with the power and accuracy the Sage Approach provides. Because of it's medium-fast action, the rod loads quickly with a shooting head style line to chuck big trout streamers to the banks or punch out a little extra distance for long shots at saltwater fish.

As with all Sage Fly Rods, the Approach is built with high quality components that lead to increased longevity of the rod. The Approach features ceramic stripping guides, and hard chrome plated snake guides. In Freshwater sizes, the rod has an Ebony wood reel insert and an anodized aluminum reel seat. Additionally, the grip is a reverse half-wells style premium cork grip. The Saltwater friendly sizes utilize an anodized aluminum reel insert and reel seat. The grip is a traditional full-wells style premium cork grip.

Full Features of the Rod Include:

  • Graphite 3 Technology
  • Medium-Fast Action
  • Oyster Shell Blank Color
  • Ceramic Stripping Guides
  • Rugged Silver nylon rod tube with internal dividers.

Freshwater Sizes: 370-4, 386-4, 490-4, 586-4, 590-4, 690-4

Saltwater Sizes: 790-4, 890-4, 990-4