Simms Waders

Simms Fishing Products, the leader of the fishing tackle industry, is located in Bozeman, Montana in the 4-Corners area just outside of town.  In this facility, all of their GORE-TEX fishing waders are built making them the only fishing wader manufacturer who builds their waders in the United States.  No other fishing wader manufacturer can make this claim.    By doing this, Simms can pay close attention to the detail and overall quality of each pair of waders which is one of the many reasons that Simms Waders are know as the best fishing waders in the world.  In their facility, every cut, stitch and seam is checked and rechecked by people who live and breath the Montana fishing culture here in Bozeman.  They take pride in what they do and stand behind their products.  While rising costs and falling retail prices have driven them to produce their non-Gore-Tex waders overseas, you can rest assure that the Simms Gore-Tex Fishing Waders made in Bozeman are of the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Simply try a pair on and you'll see what we're talking about.  Simms Waders are simply the best fishing waders in the world.

Simms Freestone Waders
  • Great value wader
  • 4 Layer Toray QuadraLam
Simms Headwaters Pro Wader
  • Balance of comfort and durability
  • 3 Layer GORE-TEX®
Simms G3 Guide wader
  • Our most popular Wader
  • 3 and 4 - Layer GORE-TEX® Fabric
Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Wader
  • Rugged, quiet & breathable
  • 5 Layer GORE-TEX® throughout
Simms G4Z Wader - Best fishing wader made in the USA
  • Ultimate Fishing Wader
  • 5 Layer GORE-TEX® with Zipper
Simms Freestone Pant Wader
  • Spring time pant
  • 4 Layer Toray QuadraLam
Simms G3 Guide Pant
  • For shallow water fishing
  • New 4 Layer GORE-TEX®
Simms Freestone Waders

Designed as a wader that “won’t break the bank,” the Simms Freestone Wader offers many of the same quality design features found in other Simms waders. Simms has realized that the ultimate, “bomb-proof” wader such as the G4Z may be a little over-kill for the fisherman who only fishes a handful of times each year. As a result, the Freestone Wader series was born.  With the design concept conceived right here in Bozeman, MT, and the addition of the 4-Layer Toray QuadraLam fabric, the Freestone Wader provides the angler with the durability and breathability they are looking for, but at a price much easier to swallow compared to it’s GORE-TEX Made-in-USA relatives. 

- The Freestone waders utilize a waterproof, breathable 4-Layer material called Toray QuadraLam.  This is a material that, unlike the Simms GORE-TEX, is produced overseas.  Toray, as its commonly called, is a material that is found in many other waders in the fly-fishing industry. The use of this material allows Simms to achieve many of the same characteristics of a durable, waterproof, yet breathable, GORE-TEX wader, but at a reduced price.  While the material used in the Freestone wader may be the same as some of the other companies, the design, ­­­­­production, and careful inspection of each wader that comes through the door is what sets Simms apart from the others.

- The Freestone waders start by using the Simms exclusive Anatomically Engineered 4mm Neoprene Feet using the finest compressed neoprene available.  These are the same Neoprene Feet that are found through out the entire lineup of Simms waders.

- The Freestone waders feature the Center Front Seam Technology.  This is another great feature that is found across the board in all of Simms' Waders.  This technology reduces the stress on the inner leg section of the wader that is brought on by walking, and allows for more leg articulation. This seam improves the comfort of the wader while drastically improving durability.

- The Freestone waders also feature items to help out the unorganized angler in all of us.  These include the flip out “Tippet Tender” pocket and front chest area boasting both a drop-in, Velcro-sealed pocket, and fleece-lined, reach-through hand warmer pockets.

-The Freestone waders feature the male/female strap configuration, found on all Simms waders, allowing for easy conversion from a chest to waist high wader.  Simply unclip the suspenders, roll down the waders to waist level, and clip the left and the right suspender together, effectively creating a belt to hold up the waders.

 For reference, please refer to the Simms Freestone Wader Size Chart for proper fitting.


Simms Headwaters Pro Wader

The Simms Headwaters™ Pro Waders are handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana from 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric and feature the industry-leading Simms G3 Guide™ Wader architecture. Each pair of Headwaters Pro Waders features the patented front- and back-leg seam construction which boosts both mobility and durability when in the water or out. The upper pass through handwarmer pockets provide cold-weather protection, while chest storage pockets provide ample capacity for tools and fly boxes. Highly considered details include accessory activation via an internal zipper carrier built to synch with Simms’ Tippet Tender™ pocket (sold separately); adjustable 1.5” elastic suspenders with opposing buckles for waist-high conversion; and belt loops with multiple height options for superior fit. Abrasion bucking, built-in gravel guards and anatomical hourglass stocking feet round out this IFTD award-winning wader.

• Patented front and back leg seam construction offers improved articulation and reduces abrasion in critical wear zones
• Pass through, lined hand warmer with chest storage pocket
• Flip out Tippet Tender™ with secure zippered internal storage pocket
• Adjustable 1.5” elastic suspenders with opposing buckles for waist high conversion
• Built in belt loop at center back with multiple height options for a concise fit
• Abrasion-resistant, built-in Gravel Guards
• Hourglass articulated stocking feet with true right and left design
• Each pair of Simms Headwaters Pro Waders are made right here in Bozeman, MT, USA

Fabric Tech: 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro wader laminate with reinforced lower legs

Approx. Weight: 43oz. / 1200g
Sizes: 15 - S, M, MS, MK, ML, L(9-11), L(12-13), LS, LK, LL(9-11), LL(12-13), XL, XLS, XLK, XXL


Please refer to the Simms Headwaters Wader Size Chart for more information on your correct size.


Simms G3 Guide wader

The Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot - does it really even need an introduction?  Take a drive down Highway 84 along the Madison River in Montana in September and you’re likely to see a whole army of fishing guides and fisherman alike sporting the Simms G3 Guide Wader. The title of the “best fishing wader in the industry” certainly isn’t just given over night.  However, it is the opinion of many that the G3 Guide wader has, without a doubt, earned it.  The Simms G3 Wader has been updated to a combination of current 3-Layer Gore-Tex and a more breathable and supple 4-Layer GORE-TEX Fabric, the first of its kind designed expecially for total immersion in water, making this wader even better than ever.  In addition, the G3 Simms Wader offers a slightly roomier cut in the seat and leg to allow for more freedom of movement.

The unquestionable wader of choice between both guide and recreational fisherman, the Simms G3 fishing waders offer Simms’ exclusive four-layer GORE-TEX fabric throughout the leg and seat of the wader.  The four-layer fabric has been proven to be up to 190 percent more breathable than the five-layer fabric used in previous models, yet is just a durable and may in fact be more resistant to pin hole leaks.  The thing is, you will only find this new fabric in the Simms G3 waders, made right here in our hometown of Bozeman, Montana. By using the 4-Layer fabric through out the entire leg and seat of the wader, the G3 is now easily more comfortable, provides greater easy of movement and offers the best breathability found in any fishing wader. 3-Layer Gore-Tex is still used in the upper of the body to allow for even more breathability where you need it.  G3 Guide Waders are designed by fly fishermen, built by fly fishermen, and of course, tested to the limits by our Montana fly fisherman.  

- The G3 Guide Waders start like all other Simms waders featuring the Simms-exclusive anatomically engineered 4mm Neoprene Feet using the finest neoprene available.  

- The Simms G3 Guide waders continue on up using the patented Center Front Seam Technology.  Found across the board in all Simms Waders, this seam design reduces the stress on the inner leg section of the wader that is brought on by walking, and allows for more leg articulation. This seam improves the comfort of the wader while drastically improving durability.

- The G3s feature items to help out the unorganized angler in all of us.  These include the flip out and more organized “Removable Tippet Tender” pocket and new front chest area boasting both a drop-in, zippered pocket, and fleece-lined, reach-through hand warmer pockets now covered with Storm Flaps to keep the cold and wet out.  These Storm Flaps also keep your oar handles from catching on your pockets, a problem brought up with the old Simms G3s by fishing guides everywhere.

- The G3 Guide waders feature low profile belt loops as well as a standard nylon wading belt.

- Like all other Simms waders, the G3 Guides feature the male/female strap configuration allowing for easy conversion from a chest to waist high wader.  Simply unclip the suspenders, roll down the waders to waist level, and clip the left and the right suspender together, effectively creating a belt to hold up the waders.





Simms is obsessed with improvement. When it comes to making the world’s best selling waders, they don’t rest with the techniques of yesterday, but want to continually improve fishing waders. For this season, they idenified the need for a more breathable wader fabric for anglers who fish in a wide variety of environments. 


Simms worked closely with W.L. Gore to develop a more breathable wader laminate, which offers anglers increased comfort over any other wader laminate on the market. The new laminate has been developed with breathability performance optimized for a submerged, in-river environment. Additionally, they were able to develop a more pinhole puncture resistant laminate with the introduction of a lm layer into the lamination recipe. 


There are a few ways the new 4-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric performs better for the Simms G3 Guide collection. First off, the drape of the fabric is much improved due to enhanced suppleness and softness. With this comes an improved range of motion and ease of navigating complex wading situations. The breathability of this fabric offers a 190% improvement over the previous Simms G3 Guide 5-layer GORE-TEX® Wader. This has been backed by both lab and field testing. All of this provides a wader fabric that can perform in a wide range of angling environments. 


The new 4-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric is made in the USA, further enhancing Simms’ status as the only domestic manufacturer of fishing waders. The increased breathability, along with comfort, range of motion and versatility all position this new Simms G3 Guide wader collection as the best waders for the non-professional anglers. 



The G4Z® and G4 Pro® Stockingfoot waders are the most durable and feature-rich waders in the market. These two waders also rely on a decade of use by the world’s best fishing guides and outfitters. These professionals demand the highest level of durability we can create and the G4Z® and G4 Pro® waders stand up to the rigors of constant use in the most demanding environments. The 5-layer GORE-TEX® excels in puncture resistance and, therefore, is perfectly suited for the professional guide.

Wondering what size you might be in the Simms G3 Guide Wader?  Use the Simms G3 Guide Wader Size Chart to help you determine the right size.

For more information of these Simms Waders or any other fishing products that we carry, please feel free to contact us at The River's Edge Fly Fishing Shop (ph. 406-586-5373) or at The River's Edge West Fly Fishing Shop in 4-Corners (ph. 406-284-2401).  We would be glad to help!



Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Wader

Whether it's a weekend with your buddies or a fishing trip to the farthest reaches of the wilderness the Simms G4 Pro Wader from Simms Fishing Products won't let you down. Said to be the most "lived in" waders by more professional guides than all others combined, the Simms G4 Pro stockingfoot wader is constructed of a rugged and ultra-quiet, 25% more breathable 5-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell technology encompassing the set, leg, and waist to keep you high and dry on the water. This new feature is only available in the G4Z and G4 Pro Wader. Keeping with the theme of comfort and breathability, the G4 Pro wader utilizes a 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric on the uppers as well. If you're looking for the ulitmate in durability and comfort in a fishing wader, look no further than the Simms G4 Pro Wader.

Along with being one fo the most popular fishing waders among professional guides on the market, the Simms G4 Pro Wader is also the most feature-rich wader in the Simms line. Headlining one of the largest zippered chest pockets of any Simms waders, this wader also includes extras like a handy Flip-out Tippet Tender keep fishing essentials on hand with Simms' patented built-in Retractor. Zippered, fleece-lined hand warmer pockets in the Simms G4 Pro Wader provide room for heater packs making hand warm-up quick and easy and ensuring your fingers will be warm and toasty after catch and release on a cold winter day. The Super-fly Patch featured on the G4 Pro Wader keeps your favorite arsenal of flies in tow while you cast a line. Along with these amenities, this particular Simms' wader also features built-in low profile belt loops with a high-quality 2" adjustable elastic belt featuring the Simms Trout side-release buckle, built-in gravel guards, and the same updated suspender system found in the Simms G4Z Wader. 

- The G4 Pro Wader starts by using Simms' exclusive anatomically engineered 4mm neoprene feet, found throughout the Simms line, as the foudation of comfort on the water. 

- The Simms G4 Pro Wader features 5-layer GORE-TEX fabric throughout the lower body, which provides superior protection against abraision and puncture while providing the utmost in comfort and breathability. This unique technology can also be found in the Simms G4Z Wader and the Simms G3 Guide Waders, where the fabric is used on criticial wear areas of the lower leg.

- The patented center front seam technology in the G4 Pro Wader improves comfort and leg articulation, while minimizing wear and tear on the seam edges. This design is exclusive to Simms Fishing Products and is used throughout the Simms line-up of waders.

- The "vest within a wader" concept found in the G4Z Wader continues into the G4 Pro Wader with the feature-rich extras of large pockets, a Flip-Out Tippet Tender pocket, and built-in Simms-patented Retractor.

- A "stretch spacer mesh" adds to comfort of the full coverage suspenders found on the Simms G4 Pro Wader.

To ensure the best fit possible in Simms G4 Pro Waders, please consult the Simms G4 Pro Wader size chart.



Simms G4Z Wader - Best fishing wader made in the USA
Simms Fishing Products is the only "true" manufacturer of waders in the US, building their waders right in our hometown of Bozeman Montana. As an actual manufacturer, Simms Fishing Products is in a unique position within the wader world, having ability to work on the development of the most innovative designs, fabrics and technologies in fishing in one of the world's premiere fly fishing destinations. The Simms G4Z waders are the manifestation of this development. At The Rivers Edge Fly Shop, we simply call this "concept" manufacturing.
US car manufacturers often debut "concept" cars to the public at various shows throughout the country - the Ford Atlas Truck and Chevy C7 Vette immediately come to mind. These concept cars demonstrate just what American ingenuity and a real manufacturer are capable of. Oftentimes, technology from these concept cars makes its way to the every-day car and the trickle down effect of technology is what improves the performance of products attainable to the public. 
It could be said that the Simms Fishing Products G4Z Wader is just that, the ultimate "concept" wader. The G4Z utilizes the industry's best technology throughout the wader, evidenced by the numerous design patents attached to this product. There are also a number of technologies that trickle down throughout their incredible line of waders.

- The G4Z waders start by using Simms exclusive anatomically engineered 4mm neoprene feet as the foundation for immediate comfort in the water. This technology is found throughout all Simms waders. 

- The Simms G4Z waders is constructed of Simms exclusive 5-layer GORE-TEX Pro-Shell fabric throughout the lower body; offering industry best abrasion and puncture resistance while maximizing comfort and breathability. This exclusive technology is also used in the Simms G4 Pro and G3 Waders, where the fabric is used in the critical wear area of the lower leg. 

- The G4Z fishing waders use Simms Fishing Products patented center front seam technology to improve comfort, leg articulation and minimize wear and tear on the seam edges. This exclusive Simms design is used throughout the line-up of Simms waders.

- The Simms G4Z wader features an exclusive Simms "vest within a wader" concept in the upper body to give anglers industry best pocket design and gear attachment points. 

- The Simms G4Z Fishing Waders uses the Simms exclusive "stretch spacer mesh" full coverage suspenders for added comfort and performance.

- The G4Z utilizes the most advanced waterproof zipper in the world, the YKK AquaSeal zipper, which allows easy relief in the field, increased ventilation and easy on/easy off performance. 

Fit is of the utmost importance when considering the G4Z waders.  Please consider the Simms G4Z Wader size chart to determine the size that best fits you.

These are just a few of the advanced design, fabric and performance features of the Simms Fishing Products G4Z wader. Give us a call at The Rivers Edge. We'd love to answer any questions about the most advanced waders on the market; the Simms G4Z Waders. 
Simms Freestone Pant Wader

For those looking for a wading pant that won't break the bank, the Simms Freestone Pant Wader is just right. This wading pant from Simms Fishing Products is a slightly lighter, less bombproof version of the G3 Guide Pant Wader constructed of a non-Goretex 4-layer Toray Quadralam Fabric from top to bottom making it waterproof and keeping comfort and mobility at the forefront. The Simms Freestone Pant Wader features a built-in belt and gravel guards, along with the signature Simms patented center seam construction for increased articulation. The Freestone Pant Wader is the ideal option for anglers looking for a pant wader to keep them dry on the river at a great price.


- 4-layer Toray QuadraLam technology

- Center seam construction with articulated knees for added mobility

- Built-in, adjustable belt

- Abrasion-resistant material for more durable built-in gravel guards

Available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

To ensure a good fit, consult the Simms Freestone Pant sizing chart.

Simms G3 Guide Pant

For those times when chest waders might be a little overkill, Simms Fishing Products brings you the G3 Guide Pant Wader which now features the new 4-Layer GoreTex fabric. Perfect for boulder hopping on your favorite spring creek or drift boat fishing, the Simms G3 Guide Pant offers comfort and breathability in a high-quality design. This is combined with Simms' signature front and back leg seams which offers greater articulation and the ultimate in all-day wading mobility, breathability, and durability.  This 4-layer Gore-Tex wader also provides up to 190% more breathability than previous models making it one of the most comfortable Simms Waders in the line.

The waistband construction on the Simms G3 Guide Pant features integrated loops housing a 2-inch adjustable elastic belt accented with a Simms Trout Etched Buckle for a nice finishing touch. These features along with extras like a YKK AquaSeal waterproof fly and built-in gravel guards make the G3 Guide Pant the ideal choice for fisherman seeking versatility and comfort in a wading pant.

KEY FEATURES of the Simms G3 Guide Pant Wader:

- GORE-TEX 4-Layer Material for exceptional breathability and durability

- Simms Wader waistband construction with integrated belt loops and high-quality 2-inch elastic belt featuring Simms Trout buckle

- Double snap closure at front waistband with YKK AquaSeal waterproof fly zipper 

- Patented front and back leg seams provide articulated fit, maximum comfort, extreme durability and mobility

- Abrasion-resistant, more durable built in gravel guards

To ensure the proper fit of these Simms Waders, refer to the Simms G3 Guide Pant size chart.