Simms Wading Boots

While known for making the best fishing waders in the world, Simms Fishing Products is also know for its fishing boots which are the most technically designed wading boots on the market.  All Simms Wading Boots start with the creative design team at the Simms Fishing Headquarters right here in Bozeman, MT.  Before they hit the marketplace and retail store shelves, every Simms Boot design is worked up into a sample and put on the feet of product testers throughout the country where they are worn out and abused in every which way imaginable.  After tweaking and testing for sometimes more than a few seasons, the Simms Boots that survive are then placed into production and sold in fly fishing shops around the world.

A completely innovative wading boot in a class by its own, the Simms Intruder Boot  is the only boot available that is truly built not for wearing waders, but for wet wading.  Designed from the success of their other wading boots, the Simms Inturder Boot is as durable, as comfortable and as stable as any of the other boots on the rack.  It is designed to be worn with a light neoprene sock, wet wading sock or for those who dare, completely barefoot.  The boot offers an integrated neoprene sock that snugs around your ankle and calf to keep rocks and debris out.  Inside, it is fully neoprene lined for comfort and cushioning.  Outside, it has a nylon upper attached to a dual density EVA midsole with ESS plates underneath to keep studs and cleats from falling out.  

There are two soles offered on the Intruder boot: Vibram Megagrip or Felt.  The Felt version offers like a Vibram outersole with an inlay of felt in the middle to appease the felt fanatics of the world.  The outersole is there to provide traction when the shoe is on edge like when approaching the stream from a high bank.  The rubber version offers the unique Simms Vibram Megragrip sole which offers side traction like the felts, but the inlay is a series of Vibram Lugs similar to that of a trail running shoe with enough space between a few of them to inset Simms Star Cleats or Studs.  Regardless of the sole, you can tell that the Simms Intruder Boot is made for some serious miles.  If you like to wet wade and want the utmost in comfort and protection, look no further than the Simms Intruder Wading Boot.

The approximate weight of a pair of Simms Intruder Boots is about 44.8 oz making it one of the lightest of all the Simms Wading Boots.  For a more precise fit, these boots are made in whole and half men's sizes from 7-14 and are built on a E width last.  

Saltwater Simms Vaportread Boot

Built for superior performance in saltwater conditions, the Simms Vaportread Boot Salt  is built similar to its cousin, the Simms Vapor Boot, but with a saltwater ready shell and sole.  With its waterproof synthetic leather upper and corrosion resistant lacing hardware, the salt version of the Simms Vaportread Boot will stand up to the rigors of saltwater abuse.  The Vaportread sole of the Vaportread Salt Boot is non-marking so you won't mark up the front of your best friend's boat and yet it has the same pattern as the original Vaportread allowing you to put Simms Star Cleats or Studs in the sole for increased traction.

The Simms Vaportread Salt is built on a EEE width last which means that it can be worn with a pair of waders which is perfect for those who fish in the colder waters of the  Pacific Northeast.  Without waders, a pair of Simms Guard Socks would fill up the space and keep gravel and debris out.

The approximate weight of the Simms Vaportread Salt Boots is 52.8 oz and they are available in Men's whole sizes 7-14.

Simms G4 Boa Wading Boot

Simms G4 Boa Boot

The newest and most innovative wading boot ever designed from Simms Fishing Products, the Simms G4 Boa Boot is built for the angler looking for the very best in wading boot design. Fly Fisherman Magazine voted the G4 Boa Boot the Best New Wading Boot of 2014 and with the all new Simms' RiverTread Platform  this boot will be sure to offer you exceptional traction both on the water and off.  The RiverTread Platform is designed with a hard outer lug pattern for cutting through moss and mud along the river bottom, but utilizes a much softer inner tread pattern which conforms and grips rocks as you step on or over them for increased traction.  The outer lugs are predrilled for the Simms Star Cleats while the inner pattern is predrilled for Simms Hardbite Boot Studs.  For superior traction, a set of 10 Star Cleats and 5 Boot Studs per boot will fill all the available holes on the bottom of these Simms Boots.  On a side note, at The River's Edge we have developed a custom pack of exactly 10 Simms HardBite Boot Studs and 20 Simms Star Cleats specifically for studding the RiverTread sole.  Our River's Edge Rivertread Cleat Pack offers a significant savings for those looking for a complete stud kit for bottoms of their Simms G4 Wading Boots.

The closure on the Simms G4 Boa Boot is as the name suggests, utilizing the Boa Lacing System found on several other wading boots from Simms and other manufacturers.  The unique thing about the way that the G4 Boot closes is that the Boa lacing system is placed on the outside top edge of the boot which keeps it out of the way of your fly line and with the use of channeling on the side of the forefoot, the cabel tightens the boot evenly across the anglers foot for an exceptional fit.  Easy entry and exit are also accomplished with the Boa Lacing System

The G4 Boa Boot is constructed of a waterproof PU-Coated leather with a full neoprene lining for comfort, maximum abrasion-resistance and durability.   

Simms G4 Boa Boots weigh in at an approximate per pair weight of 57.6 oz and are available in US Sizes 7-14.


Simms G3 Guide Wading Boot

The Simms G3 Guide Boot has covered more miles of river than any other wading boot in the world. An updated version of Simms Fishing Products' signature Guide Boot, the 2014 Simms G3 Guide Boot offers the same tried-and-true durability for wet trail and all-day wading as past versions of this wading boot in a new, improved lighter version. The all new Simms RiverTread Platform provides exceptional traction both on and off the water through a unique design which minimizes rigid underfoot materials for an enhanced feel whether on the trail or in the river. The improved gripability of G3 Guide Boot’s RiverTread Platform is made possible by a hard outer lug pattern which cuts through moss and mud along the river bottom and utilizes a much softer inner tread pattern which conforms and grips to rocks in even the most challenging of wading conditions. 

Coming in two outsole options, the Simms G3 Guide Boot is available in either a 4.0mm Vibram® Idrogrip rubber outsole or a 12mm Felt outsole (Simms G3 Guide Boot - Felt). The Vibram® Idrogrip outsoles on this particular Simms wading boot feature multi-directional lugs, the outer predrilled for the Simms Star Cleats and the inner predrilled for the Simms HardBite Boot Studs.

Simms G3 Guide Boot with Rivertread Sole with CleatsA set of 10 Star Cleats and 5 Boot Studs per boot will fill all of the available holes on the soles of the G3 Guide Boot ensuring superior traction on the slipperiest of river bottoms. On a side note, at The River's Edge we have put together a custom pack of exactly 10 Simms HardBite Boot Studs and 20 Simms Star Cleats specifically for studding this sole.  Our River's Edge Rivertread Cleat Pack offers a significant savings for those looking for a complete stud kit for their Rivertread Soled G3 Guide Boots.  For the angler who desires more traditional traction on the river, a 12mm felt outsole version is available, and when combined with either the Simms AlumiBite Cleats or Simms HardBite Studs, offers excellent underwater traction and all-day wading comfort. The additional TPU molded heel clips on the Simms G3 Guide Boot offer a lock-in positive heel fit for guaranteed security while hiking or traversing the riverbed. 


The G3 Guide Boot is constructed of Dark Elkhorn waterproof nubuck leather combined with a TPU-coated textile upper to reduce shrinkage. The interior of this Simms Wading Boot is partially lined with neoprene to provide a comfortable fit in just the right places, wading warmth and easy on/easy off performance. 

Simms G3 Guide Boots per pair weigh approximately 59.2 oz in the Vibram rubber outsole version and 60.8 oz in the 12mm felt outsole version. They are available in US whole sizes 7-14 with a EEE last.


Simms Rock Creek Wading Boot

Affordable and lightweight, the Simms Rock Creek Boot is an entry-level wading boot that offers out-of-the-box wading comfort, security, and value. Built on the same reliable Simms StreamTread Platform as the rest of Simms wading boot line-up, this boot from Simms Fishing Products features felt outsole with combined full-length retention plate for HardBite Studs make the Rock Creek Boot an ideal choice for ultra-slick wading conditions. Scratch rubber toe guards protect the boot from abrasion and add to its durability, while cut and buff EVA midloses bolster the Rock Creek Boot's stability over a variety of stream conditions.

The Simms Rock Creek Boot is constructed of a waterproof synthetic leather and mesh upper with a rubber toe cap. Approximate weight of a pair of Rock Creek Boots is 43.2 oz making this boot one of the most lightweight on the market. Simms offers the Rock Creek Boot in a wide range of US whole sizes 4-14.

Simms Vapor Wading Boot

Hiking into the backcountry to fish your favorite high mountain stream just got a little easier thanks to Simms Fishing Products with the new lightweight, minimalist design of the Simms Vapor Boot. New for 2014, this cutting edge boot's design is taken to the max with the new VaporTread Platform featuring a 4.0mm Vibram Megagrip rubber outsole engineered specifically for dual hiking and wading performance. For superior gripability in slippery conditions, drill in some Simms Star Cleats or Hardbite Studs into the pre-drilled slots on this wading boot..

The Simms Vapor Boot is constructed of a synthetic leather, textile, and scratch rubber upper for excellent durability and comfort. An anatomical top line at the collar provides comfort for all-day hiking, while plush neoprene lining gives added warmth, cushioning, and easy-on/easy-off performance.  For sizing of the Simms Vapor Boot, we recommend going with your true shoe size if you plan on wet wading and going up a size if you are wearing them with your waders.  When wearing Simms Waders, you'll appreciate the little bit of extra room in the toe box for extended days on the water.  If you have any questions regarding these Simms Vapor Boots or any other Simms Boots, please don't hesitate to send is an email, give us a call, or stop by.

Approximate weight of a pair of Simms Vapor Boots is 51.2 oz. This particular Simms wading boot is available in US whole sizes 7-14. 

As a new addition in 2015, the Simms Vapor Boot is now available in a felt soled version (Simms Vapor Boot - Felt). 

Check out our recent review of the Simms Vapor Boots for more information.

Simms Flats Wading Sneaker

Fishing saltwater flats brings a plethora of changing wading conditions, from white sand to coral, rocky schoals to seaweed beds. Wearing the Simms Flats Sneaker will keep you prepared for whatever comes your way. A combination of over-the-ankle coverage and Schoeller-dynatec panels, Simms Fishing Products brings you a flats wading shoe that provides superior support and puncture resistance, all the while keeping you within casting range of the fish.

The Simms Flats Sneaker is a mid-hiker design constructed of a synthetic nubuck leather and mesh upper surrounded by a full perimeter of scratch rubber rand for lightweight abraision resistance and protection. A full neoprene lining and padded collar ensure the utmost of comfort in any saltwater wading condition. The internal footbeed of the Flats Sneaker contains a puncture-resistant plate adding to this wading shoe's durability. The footbed of this wading shoe consists of a cup rubber platform and non-marking gum rubber outsole.

The particular wading shoe from Simms weighs in at approximately 46.4 oz and is designed to be worn with a wet wading sock. It is available in US whole sizes 7-14.




simms rivertek 2 boa wading boot

Introducing the newly redesigned Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Boot, available in both StreamTread Vibram Sole, and Felt Sole. If you are familiar with the line up of Simms Wading Boots over the past few years, you've surely seen the original RiverTek Boa Wading Boot. It was a great boot with many great features, but the one that really stood out was the Boa Lacing System. WIth that initial successful design to build off of, in the Spring of 2015, Simms released their fresh RiverTek 2 Boa Boot. 

Powered by hard charging aesthetic, the RiverTek 2 Boa Wading Boot is built to accel both on the water, and trail. Utilizing Simms' StreamTread Vibram Sole platform means your grip will stay solid, even when the wading conditions aren't ideal. In addition to the high performance wading sole, the Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Wading Boot features a waterproof synthetic leather upper, TPU molded skid plates in heavy wear areas, and are partially neoprene-lined for extra warmth and comfort . A Synthetic Leather upper was used so that the boot will not shrink after drying, meaning no more soaking your leather boots in the river in order to get them on! 

The Rivertek 2 Boa Boots are held tight by the proven Boa Lacing System. The Boa system allows for quick and easy adjustment when you need a little more or less support. Tightening the laces takes just a few seconds, and loosening them is as easy as pulling the dial out. 

The StreamTread Platform on the Simms Rivertek Boa Boot comes in two outsole versions - a 3.0mm Vibram Idrogrip rubber outsole or a 12mm felt outsole (Simms RiverTek 2 Boa - Felt Sole). For increased traction, Vibram soles are compatible with Simms Star Cleats and HardBite Boot Studs, while the felt outsoles will work with both Simms AlumniBite Cleats or HardBite Boot Studs. 

Weighing in at approximately 59.2 oz per pair in Vibram sole version, the Simms Rivertek Boa Boot comes in US sizes 7-15. Felt versions weigh in at around 57.6 oz per pair and are also available in US whole sizes 7-15.

If you are tired of cold hands while trying to lace your frozen boot laces in the morning, you need to try on a pair of the Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Wading Boots



SImms Freestone Boot

Redesigned from the soles up, the 2015 Simms Freestone Boot has many of the great features of the previous version, however this new, more durable version of Simms' most popular wading boot is built for toughness, and the most extreme of wading conditions. 

Starting at the bottom, the Simms Freestone Boots feature the trusted Simms StreamTread Vibram sole, giving the user the ability to walk and wade over unforgiving slime covered boulders with ease. Combo that with the option to add Simms Star Cleats and HardBite Boot Studs for added traction. In addition to the StreamTread Vibram sole, the Simms Freestone Boot - Felt are also available with a 12mm Felt Sole. 

Moving up, the Freestone Wading Boots are built with a synthetic full-grain leather and scratch rubber upper. Because of the synthetic leather construction, the Simms Freestone Boots will not shrink, meaning no more soaking your wading boots in order to squeeze them on. 

In addition to the outer construction, the Simms Freestone Boots also feature neoprene lined collars for enhanced warmth and comfort during those long days on the river. Combo all of these features with a great price tag that has remained the same through out the re-design process, and you have yourself a great pair of wading boots.

Weighing in at approximately 65.6 oz per pair in Vibram sole version, the Simms Rivertek Boa Boot comes in US sizes 5-16. Felt versions weigh in at around 65.6 oz per pair and are also available in US whole sizes 5-16.

Simms Zipit Flats Bootie

The Simms Zipit Bootie II flats shoe is designed with the fast and light traveller.  With their easy-on/easy-off side zipper, confortable neoprene cuff and extremely durable bottom, the Zipit Bootie II can pack easily in your bag but still provide comfort and protection for a day on the flats.  Designed to be worn barefoot or with the Simms Wet Wading Sock or Liner Sock, the Zipit Bootie II fits like a glove to keep sand and rocks out.  For this reason, we recommend ordering your straight shoe size if planning on wearing it barefoot or possbily one size up if wearing it with a sock.  

Available in men's whole sizes 8-14.  Width - EE. Approximate weight per pair is 36.8 oz.

Headwaters fishing boot from Simms Products

The Simms Headwaters Wading boot is built to be lightweight and very durable.  While not as light as the Simms Vapor Boot, the Headwaters Boot is a great alternative for those looking for more durability and a little taller boot that will provide more stability and protection.  The uppers of the Simms Headwaters Boot are built out of a high denier nylon and then surround by a heavy scratch rubber compound down low for the utmost in durability.  The insides are neoprene lined for comfort, cushioning and to allow your wading boot to slide in and out with ease.  All of this is attached to a unique Vibram Idrogrip outsole that can accept Simms Star Cleats and Studs to improve traction if needed.  A duel density EVA Midsole adds shock absorption and a ESS plate makes it so your studs and cleats stay in the soles and don't fall out.  All together, the Simms Headwaters Boot is one awesome wading boot built for the demands of wading rivers and fishing.

Fitwise, we recommend going with your standard wading boot size on the Headwaters Boot.  It is built on a EEE Last like most of the other Simms Boots and fits similar to the Simms Freestone or Guide Boot.  This is worth mentioning because the other lightweight wading boot built by Simms, the Vapor Boot, typically runs a little smaller and we often have to size up to make them comfortable when worn with waders.

Simms Headwaters Wading boots are available in both the Vibram rubber sole or with a 12mm felt sole.  The approximate weight of a pair of Simms Headwaters Boots is 54.4oz putting them right between the Simms Guide Boot and the Simms Vapor Boot on the scale.  They are available in men's whole sizes only 7-14.